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Display is shaking.


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I have an Acer Aspire 5601 with 1.6ghz core duo processor and gma950. I installed Leo4all 10.5.2 on this laptop and when I boot into leopard, I see the welcome video but the display it shaking from left to right over and over again. Then it reaches the welcome screen where you set up the mac and the display goes blank when I do not move the mouse and keeps shaking if I do move it. Also, after about 2 minutes into this it means that my mouse and keyboard become unresponsive. I installed the Vanilla Kernel with Sound (ALC883), Graphics (GMA950) and Network (Realtek 8319) drivers. Could it be my graphics card? I tried searching but it seems that other users with the GMA950 get it to work just fine, therefore seems to be a unique problem. Also, this is isn't a small shake, it is actually a shake that puts about a half of the displayed picture out of the monitor.



FIXED: Disable one core of the processor. Type cpus=1 into the Darwin prompt.

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