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simple applescript


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I was learning how to use applescript for a couple of days.


So heres the thing, isn't it frustrating to change your macs volume to max at startup every time? Well, with this placed in your startupitems folder it should make it automated.


Just place this in /System/Libary/StartupItems.


StartUpVol10.app DL the above


Tell me if you run into problems. :wacko:


EDIT: Forgot to compile. :unsure:


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Ive got the same kind of thing running at my office. We have 4 different volumes that all need to be mounted on startup... Its a fairly simple Applescript... I have all my users have it as a start up item and also keep it in their dock in case of disconnects.


tell application "Finder"

mount volume "afp://username:passwordIPaddress/volumename"

end tell


just open script editor, copy and paste this into it, and fill in your specific info

Then compile it and save as an application.

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