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iatkos 10.5.4 boot problem


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after succesfully installing iatkos 10.5.4, upon reboot, the system halts and the apple startup logo.

so i go into verbose mode upond booting (-v) and it halts with the message:

Extension "com.apple.driver.iTunesPhoneDriver" has no explicit kernel dependency; using version 6.0


nothing happens afterwords and the system stays frozen.


i was previously running kalyway 10.5.2 with no problems except having to press down the power and restart buttons to power or restart. i wanted to try the iatkos distro because it didn't have that problem.


my hardware is:

core 2 duo e6300

gigabyte 965P-DS3 bios f12

4gb ddr 1000 ram

raptor x 150gb hdd

750watt power supply


i tried installing it with both the vanilla and hacked kernels and the same problem appeared.


anybody know what to do about this issue? also, please don't recommend me to run kalyway again.

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I manage to install iATKOS 4a, things that may need to look at is how we setup the BIOS properly, since I have SATA disk, with IDE DVD drive, first I setup the DVD to be in Master mode, so it can boot the DVD. Then when I install the OS, partitioning and setting up the SATA drive is important, I set it up as GUID Partition Table, now when installing the OS, I also install extra drivers for SATA, NTFS, etc.


First problem I encounter is setting up video card, if you have an external video card and also have an onboard video card, make sure you disable the on board VGA if you intend to use the external one.


Second problem, I have PS/2 keyboard and mouse, to make it work, I disable USB keyboard and mouse support in my BIOS.


hope that would help.

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