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USB Mouse disappearence after sleep

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My Acer Aspire 3000 running Leopard 10.5.4 (iDeneb) has a very strange problem.


As soon as I bring my computer out of sleep, the USB mouse stops working, which is quite inconvenient to say the least, considering I am forced to use my touchpad. Unfortunately, due to my laptop requiring me to sleep to get the PS/2 components working (the aforementioned touchpad and builtin keyboard) and to get full speed (my machine runs like {censored} if I don't sleep it and works much, much, much faster when I sleep and then resume it), it cannot be avoided.


I was wondering if there was any way to solve my mouse problem. If it helps, any other USB component that is plugged in works fine, except for any type of USB mouse.


Thanks in advance

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