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[SELL/TRADE] MacBook Pro 15 Still Up For Auction

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*Note* If you would like me to post this on ebay buy it now you can contact me and I'll do it for you.(fees apply)




Today I'm selling my MacBook Pro 15 inch FOR $1000 + SHIPPING. It's in pretty good state, everything works perfectly. This laptop came with 1GB of RAM and I upgraded it to 2GBs, it has a 120GB HD.


Please note, that the case has a few marks (not scratches or bad scratches) but everything works fine no dents and everything is so small that it is not even noticable (I am really OCD so when I clean this I notice it all) also near the apple logo theres is my first little scratch ever!!! (picture below) , its very small, and I also took some pictures of it, to make sure you can see it, its in perfect state, no internal damage, never been dropped and there are only little case marks. And it also comes with some pre-installed softwares installed on a clean leopard.


MacOSX 10.5.4 - Core 2 Duo, 2.16GHz, 2GB ram, 120GB HD.


Only Paypal accepted (PAYPAL VERIFIED & CONFIRMED), and will only ship to US buyers. Shipping is INSURED.


What comes with it?

1. 15" MacBook Pro

2. OSX 10.5 Preinstalled

3. Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Restore Disc

4. Original Power Adapter

5. Pre-installed Softwares (If you wish to have them or not just contact me)

6. Original Packaging (The Box).

Extra Software preloaded without disks or licenses:

1. OSX Leopard 10.5

2. Microsoft Office 2008

3. Crossover + Steam

4. Adobe Master Collection


Preloaded software only. The software install disks are not included.


Payment is via PayPal and PayPal only. I don't accept money orders, checks or any other form of payment.





Shipping will take place once the payment is confirmed through Paypal. I will ship anywhere US states. I WILL NOT ship out of country UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (Unless you pay extra for shipping). **IMPORTANT** If under any circumstances the buyer is unable to pay or I am unable to ship the item due to any of the above requirements, the item will be relisted. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at "leet.432.timtran@gmail.com" or PM or use this forum Thank You. Thank you for reading my listing!!!!


Return Policy:

7 Days Money Back


...For all those kids that think Macs are 1000, 1000 is half the price of a real mac, aka not macbook air or macbook.

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maybe if he took out the extra software then that could justify a price drop right?


Yes. Office 2008 and the Adobe stuff would cause a price drop if the software is legit.

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Not to thread {censored}, but if it's all pre-installed and comes with no discs, that sets off a flag right there.


That being said, if you wanted to trade for a macbook (in sig) plus cash, let me know.

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Preinstalled software is a no go. We don't want to use your OS and have everything preinstalled. We want to be able to install it ourselves. I'm not going to pay a lot of money for preinstalled software and not be able to reinstall myself.


Remove the software, or lower the price or you're not going to get anything for it at all.


And you even out "Preloaded software without disks or licenses."


Gee, that sounds like a great deal for you to try to scam someone without even having licenses for the software you're trying to get someone to overpay for.

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Well thanks for all the putting down comments, YOU SHOULD SEE ITS BARGAINING, and I could sell it for 1000 for it without softwares.


So you say you are selling your Adobe Master Collection license? I find that unrealistic as it is $2,499 new unless you have got a student discount.




Just saying.


Yes its an educational discount, and I'm not selling the license thats why its not that much.



Pre-installed Softwares (If you wish to have them or not just contact me)

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Do you want to trade for a 2.66Ghz Alu iMac?


Are you sure you want to trade your iMac for this Pro?

If so where are you located?

And what are the reasons you want to trade such as what's wrong with it or any damaged.

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