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PCMCIA to PCI adapter using Kalyway 10.5.2

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I have a PCMCIA card which i want to use with Leopard on a Gigabyte DS4 mobo. I already had this running ona PC with a Buffalo PCMCIAtoPCI adapter. In Windows i didnt have to do nothing at all, the adpater was recognized by the OS and i just had to plug in my pcmcia card, it worked flawlessly. Its a PCMCIA sound card, BTW.


This seems not to work on Leo 10.5.2 (Kalyway install). I searched for drivers for this adaptor but i cant find any. Should i use any other driver for another product which has the same chipset? If so, how could i check which chipset is using my Buffalo PCMCIAtoPCI? I couldnt find any info on this either. :D


Thanks a lot and congrats for the forum...its huge!! :D

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Thank you slice for pointing me to the right direction.


I see there´s no nfo or txt in that zip explaining how to install these drivers. As i am very new to the Macos environment i feel quite lost on how to procced. Would you mind telling me which steps should i follow to get a proper installation?


Also i see in your sig: PCCard Ricoh 5C475 works with IOPCIFamily.kext 2.4.4 OSX 10.4.6 only. My card shows in windows as:

Ricoh R/RL/ET/RC/5C475(II),R5C20 or compatible.... Does this means i will not be able to install it on my 10.5.2?


Thanks a lot!

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Ok, letme check if i understood right.


I should replace my IOPCIFamily.kext at /System/Library/Extensions/ by the one you posted here (patched) then clear extensions caché.


How do i clear extensions cache?

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