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Stalled at nfs_boot_init failed


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I'm trying to install using iATKOSv2 on an asus p5n32. Currently at the boot prompt I'm putting


nforce_core rd=disk1s2 -v -f -x


Disk1s2 (third partition of the second disk) is fat32 formatted because I understand that once I get to the installer I will be able to reformat from fat to hfs+, and gparted is unable to do hfs+. However it's hanging after


nfs_boot: networking is not initialized

panic(cpu 0 caller hex#): "nfs_boot_init failed with 6 ...


Any suggestions? Let me know if there's any other information I can offer.


First disk: partition 1 windows xp, partition 2 ubuntu os

Second disk: partition 1 windows home (i.e. usernamefolder), partition 2 ~

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