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Games Freeze up issue

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Hi, unfortunatly when i install Input Remapper in my macbook pro with windows vista i cannot play lineage 2 mmrpg game,

when i open the game the mouse and the keyboard freeze up dont work so i must manually restart it.

Please fix this bug btw nice program!


If someone Have the same problem with other related games or the same please post the name of the game and the issue so we can help to get fixed, thanks!

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Same problem here with Albatross18.

Funny thing is, it worked perfectly for a few weeks. Yesterday the game crashed while I was playing, and I haven't been able to run it again without stopping Input Remapper. ANd I need it on hold, because when playing my MacMini runs too hot (I change fans from 2400 rpm of normal operation to about 4500 rpm).

Developers of IR, please find out what's the conflict and release a fix! PLEASE!

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same probleme on Aion beta europe. Nguard Système consider Input Remapper as a program use to cheat. or nGuard Protect disactived kayboard and mouse. if you uninstall InputRemapper, Algr you car make ctrl + alt , the rightclick is 2 finger + click.


this is a big problème but we can't force the fan and not check the temperature...


i have send a mail to NCSoft but i have no reply




PS : i'm french and my english is not very good ^^

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