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This is a recreation of those Old style Mac II Wallpapers that I did but in modern high resolution. It is not an exact duplicate but it's very close. It was created at high resolution in two renderings, one for 4:3 (square) monitors and another for widescreen monitors. It was created using Blender.


Actually I'm not sure if the original was a wallpaper or a picture that was used to show the Mac II color prowess but it was hard to see a brochure or photo of the Mac II not showing one of those pictures so it might bring back fond memories for some Macintosh users. In addition, I'm not sure but I think that the original image was 640 x 480 in only 256 colors dithered so it didn't look as smooth (it appears to be smooth in the Mac II photo below because in the photo the image is greatly reduced). I hope that the Mac community enjoys it.


You can download a zip file containing many resolutions from 1024 x 768 all the way to 2560 x 1600 pixels in several different aspect ratios 4:3, 16:10 or 16:9 from the link below. It includes now a couple of slightly different IPhone versions. I used little compression to preserve their quality:


Here in Deviantart press the Browse Gallery button to see all my things.




You can also get my things here:




Like I said, I included a reference picture of the old Mac II that shows one of those original images. :thumbsdown_anim:




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I loved Apple Retro so much that I made a Widescreen version.


Also attached is the PSD. So you can edit to your liking.




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snowleopard default wallpaper also "cool"

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I improved that Mac retro wallpaper that I did to make it more like the original. It is still not exact but much more closer to the original and the widescreen versions resemble it more now. You can find it in the same places in Deviantart and Mediafire:






I also did a new Mac retro wallpaper in Blender that is more elaborate and you can find it too in my gallery in Deviantart and in Mediafire.


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Updated the second Mac retro wallpaper to its final version (version 1-1) I repositioned the computer display to a better location which I wanted to do for quite a while and I also raised the level of the grids on the floor a little bit cause they were a tad too low.


Now the 3 variants that I did (I did an Apple an Atari and also an Amiga version of this design with different colors and illumination) have the computer display in the same position. These are the updated links:


Direct link Deviantart:




Direct link to Mediafire:




Again, in Deviantart if you want to see my whole folder with the other wallpapers of this series and my other free things:




There in Deviantart click on the Browse Gallery button if you want to see all the other things.


And the whole Mediafire folder:




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