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Games for Crossover Games

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Here is a list of some PC games tested successfully under CrossOver Games 7.0 (at least reported so):


Armed and Dangerous

It works but I have tested first level only.



Works great, multiplayer too.


Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30

Graphics and audio seems OK, most levels tested. There were some problems:


- annoying limited rotation movement by mouse - about 200 degree of full circle only - tweak .ini files

- occasional crashes - see log

- permanent crash on Rommel level loading - use cheats (saved games) to open all levels and skip it

- tested resolution was 800x600 (default) - I can't set 1920x1200 from menu - try to tweak bia.ini directly


Brothers in Arms uses modified Unreal Engine 2.0 so you can try usual Unreal tweaks to solve problems.


Civilization IV (including Beyond the Sword)

Excellent. (CrossOver Games 7.1)


Command & Conquer Renegade

It works but I have tested first level only.


Counterstrike (1.6)

No flaws with audio/video. Online play works great, even on cheat protected servers.


Counter-Strike Source

Works fine.


Dawn of War

Very well. No glitches, mostly smooth, slight stuttering when there's a lot of action.


Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (GotY Edition)

Runs and is playable. Rather slow in outdoor areas, though, and ugly glitches on water surfaces.



Runs perfectly. You'll have to disable the fullscreen postprocessing effects, because the game would look like an overexposed picture, but apart from that you can crank up everything and it runs completely smooth. There are some very minor graphical glitches (like some weird shadows), but those don't spoil the game in any way.


Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich

Works. Almost perfectly.


Guild Wars Factions

Works indeed very well. Some minor glitches.



Runs flawless. No problems with audio or video, support widescreen resolutions (1920x1200).


Half-Life 2

Plays fine, very smooth, most effects work.


Half-Life 2 MODS (single-player, standalone): Metastasis, Penetration, Ravenholm

Work flawless, all levels tested.


Hitman 2 Silent Assassin

It works but I have tested first level only.


Il-2 Sturmovik Complete Edition

Works and runs rather well (~30 fps in full detail), ugly graphic glitches in the clouds, but no joystick support at all – that makes the game essentially unplayable.


Legacy of Kain

It works but I have tested first level only.


Max Payne 2

Runs flawless, really amazing, all levels tested. No problems with audio or video, support widescreen resolutions (1920x1200).


Max Payne 2 MODS (single-player, standalone): Sprut

It works.

There are many MP2 mods on the Net but somehow I can't launch any of three tested mods from inside the game (through startup menu).


Neverwinter Nights

Runs well and very smooth – actually better than the Mac version under Rosetta. But movies don't play, and the game hangs for a second or so every other moment.


Operation Flashpoint

Runs and is playable, but timing problems in the cut-scenes (speech is too fast and skipping) and errors in the shadows.


Out Run 2006 Coast2Coast

Runs rather well, but irritating graphical glitches: the shadows of the other cars are floating weirdly all over the screen.



It works. (CrossOver Games 7.1)


Prince of Persia (first)

It works but I have tested first level only. Rare graphics bugs.


Secret Files Tunguska

It works.


Silent Hunter III

Runs really well, almost all graphic effects work. Rare graphics bugs.


Trackmania Nations Forever

Flawless. On highest settings and resolution absolutely smooth.



Some games require installation under Windows and NoCD patches, i.e. if you can't install a game in CrossOver then install it under Windows (BootCamp, Parallels or VMware) and apply a NoCD patch, then simply copy the game folder into one of your CrossOver bottles. Then you can start the game via the "Run Command..." option.


Please add your results or info.

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Woah nice guide bro.

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I havent tested all games, but on Counter strike source If I try to set my keys to the side mouse buttons on my Logitech MX1000, it crashes.


Any one else have this issue? I was actually going to buy the software too, but the demo doesnt get support s I cant even ask them for help.


Also: With the source games, you dont get Anti Aliasing :)

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