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New to OSx86, beginner questions


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hi everyone, i just discovered the whole osx86 scene and i am reading up on all the guides i can before attempting my first installation. i just have a few parts that are kinda murky to me and i hope someone can help me better understand them.


so as far as i am aware, there are several flavors of osx out there (ie kalyway, iatkos) that are pretty much prepatched? leopard installations. from what i can make of them, they seem to "brick" if i try to apply an update through apple's software update. what exactly does this mean? does it make my computer completely unusable, or just the OS becomes unusable (ie worst case scenario i can pop in my windows disc and reinstall it)?


i want a vanilla install, from scratch onto my ibm thinkpad t42. is this possible to do? or do i need to have a kalyway installation on my hard drive first, in order to do the vanilla install? how do i even begin? i've gone over a lot of the guides here but some of them are dated 07 and a majority of them seem to mention having a working osx installation before doing the vanilla install. is it possible to just install directly from my retail leopard dvd?


seems like efi is the key to this. is that what i should be looking further into?


the problem with diving into something completely new is the overwhelming amount of info i get suddenly, and no way to really sort it out.



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You could use Boot 123 for a retail disc. The new version of iAtkos takes out the pain of updating to 10.5.3 which caused many problems for some users. iAtkos v4i is what I would go with.

1)Have windows installed on partition 1

2)Boot to iAtkos disk

3)Format second partition to hfs+

4)Install with efi

5)Set windows partition as active

6)Place chain0 file on windows partition

7)Edit boot using bcdedit from command prompt


When they say brick it means OS X becomes unbootable but if you have windows it will be ok.


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