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GRUB and Guid Partition Table

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I have been searching around for quite a long time on a way to set-up a bootloader which is capable of booting my setup. I had multiple drives in my computer and I install osx86 on a 500 gigabyte and windows on a 160 gig. I don't want to put both operating systems on partitions of the same disk as this would be moving backwards... after I bought a drive specially for windows. I have been searching around for ages and tried grub, tried chain0, tried wingrub and all sort of other options... the problem is that I want to stick with guid really if possible, and I was reading the other day that there is a way to get grub to work with GPT. Does anybody know how to do this or has anyone done this successfully and could give me advice on how to get it working? I'm not sure if patching grub for guide would be a waste of time and still not be able to boot osx. I'm not incredibly familiar with linux and it was a mission trying to get grub loaded in the first place, (took me all day) so I don't want to start messing with it again really unless I know it can be done... has anybody tried and suceeded?


Would be very grateful for any help. Thanks in advance

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