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Which type of leopard would be best for me?

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I'm assuming when you ask "type" you mean which distribution of Os X86 is best for you and not which build is better. Since you're running an AMD system you're going to want to look at any of the distros that have an kernel patched for AMD. I believe those are Zephyroth, Kalyway, and Leo4All. As for which one is best for you... I'm not 100% sure. Some work better than others. Your best bet would be to try one (or all) and see which one works best for you.


Since you're wanting to run this on a notebook you might try to do some research on what kind of hardware is in it. Download CPU-Z and look over your Processor and motherboard specs. I'm sure your processor supports SSE3 so you're fine there but what you want to see on your motherboard is what chipset it has. Take that information and compare it to the HCL on the OsX86 Project Wiki (They're under the Hardware section). This should give you a decent idea if your machine can run Os X86. Don't be discouraged if you don't see your notebook model or motherboard model on the HCL not everyone reports back when they get it working or not working.


I hope you can get it to work! If you need any more help just let me know in this topic and I'll try to help out. Hopefully, someone with the same machine can respond and tell you if they too have had luck with it.

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