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Graphic Driver "Next Day" Problem


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Hello, all. Would like to seek some advice.


I have had experience, at different times, installing both JaS 10.4.8 and Kalyway 10.5.2

with Natit and NVinject drivers respectively.

Everything worked perfectly. That is, only on that particular night.


The next day, it doesn't boot properly after the spinning wheel boot screen.

When the monitor goes black (presumably when it's changing resolution from 1024x768 to 1440x900, which is

my monitor's native res), it never recovers. Either it stays black, or flickers light blue.


I have isolated the problem to the video driver, since this doesn't happen when I don't install any driver,

and it runs on 1024x768 VESA default.


What puzzles me is that no matter how many times I restart on install night, it doesn't have any problems.


What could be causing this? Any advice from you guys would be highly appreciated. Thanks so much.




Intel Penitum 4 2.8ghz Prescott SSE3

MSI Neo2 F1SR Intel 865

1 GB RAM dual channel

Palit Geforce 6600

AOC LCD Monitor 1440x900 native resolution

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I have had loads of problems with gfx drivers. Anyway to solve the problems has been VERY simple. Problem has been finding the information at times.


None of these NVInject installers worked for me. Manual instalation is very easy, some nice fella put a simple but accurate guide on the instalation section. Once the drivers wher working on second reboot I would get the same problem as you.


All I did was not use "restart" it seems to break the drivers. I have shut down my computer a few times to test and booted up fine so far.... touch wood

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