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1080i or 720p with 7300gt using dvi to 32" lcd tv?

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sorry if i missed it but i've looked many places and can't seem to find an answer to this. i have a 7300gt and i'm using nvinject 2.0 for 256megs. i have dual display and qe/ci but what i want to be able to do is set the resolution on the tv to either 720p or 1080i.. obviously i don't have this option in display settings. i saw a thread where somehow someone had television support in their display properties dialog. i'm stuck on 1024x768 and that's as high as the tv will go. i tried switchresx with a custom setting of 1192x684 (this is what it shows in windows when i have it set to 720p) but it didn't work.


i dual boot from the same machine into windows and using the nvidia control panel in xp i can achieve this. is this possible with a osx86 machine?


a8n-e mobo

amd 3000 venice

7300gt nvidia pcie vid card

2 gigs ram

kalyway 10.5.2

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you want this http://www.madrau.com/ just make sure you set your refresh to 60hz or whatever your TV supports.



SwitchResX is a tool designed to manage resolutions of all your monitors. Here's a quick summary:

  • As standard features: it gives you access to most of your monitor settings within its customizable menus (in the Menu Bar or on the Finder Desktop with a Contextual Menu Plugin). SwitchResX incorporates features relative to the Monitor Resolution, Color Depth, Video Mirroring, Display Rotation, Display Overscan into one single utility.
  • Other useful features include saving desktop layout, ie positions of the icons on the desktop and positions of the windows of all open applications, and restore them automatically when the resolution is changed or when you plug or unplug an external monitor.
  • You can disable or deactivate a monitor without having to physically unplug it, allowing you to use a laptop in clamshell mode with external monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Specialized features allow you to link your monitor settings with system events: Key shortcut pressed, Apple Scripts, Application launched.
  • Advanced features lets you enable more resolutions, or even create new resolutions for your monitor, HDTV, Plasma screen or Video Projector. This advanced feature is very powerful for users requesting complete control over their display resolution.

Yes, some other tools also have some of these features. But only SwitchResX does all that within one single utility.

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Ayer me acabo de comprar un LCD Samsung 32 Modelo LN32A-330 y lo tengo conectado a mi tarjeta de video

Nvidia 7300GT 256MB por un cable DVI que sale de la compu a la Entrada HDMI del Televisor, y note que en preferencias del sistema en Pantallas no mostraba 1280×720, pero si me daba a escoger 1920x1080 (entrelazado) pero cuando lo pongo a 1080i no veo la barra de arriba del sistema solo el doc y mi desktop, voy a probar esta noche esta aplicacion y luego comento como me fue, Gracias, Saludos.

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