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How can you tell what built in audio device you have.


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Get a Knoppix Live CD, and boot into it. Then open the terminal and type this command:


cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#0


If that doesn't look right, keep trying with different numbers after codec#... The first line should show you what your sound device is.


If you tell us what kind of system you have, we may be able to just tell you what it is.

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Hi I have a related question. I tried the steps above and in the Unknown Devices program it gives me:

* Windows Description - SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC

* Hardware ID - FUNC_01&VEN_8384&DEV_76A0&SUBSYS_102801F2&REV_1002

* Device Category (Class) - Sound, video and game controllers

* Enumerator - HDAUDIO


* Detected Chip Vender - Sigmatel Inc (??)

* Detected Chip Device - <unknown, id=76A0>

* Detected Vender - <unknown, id=01F2>

* Detected Device - <unknown, id=1028>


I'm not sure what codec I should use now with the patcher. It doesn't give me a sigmatel number :unsure:

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OK, I've found this topic which might be interesting to you...




The point is, you ultimate goal is to get Audio working right? when you follow links, you should quickly scan the whole page for links :wacko: and whichever link sparks your attention, go for it :)


I almost didn't anybody's text when I was trying to make Cxnt HD audio work on laptop... just "Links" that say download here or click here or link :wacko:

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