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Overclocking the iMac

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I'm trying to find information so I can overclock my 600Mhz G3 processor. My iMac is a Summer 2001 slot loading model.


I seem to be running into webpage after webpage - explaining soldering and whatnot for the older sub-400mhz computers - but not mine. Does my model have an I/O switch block (I can just flip switches to clock the processor) or is soldering still required?



I want to try to aim for the max. possible clock of 1Ghz (I will need to mount a good fan onto the processor).


There used to be a site somewhere - that listed all the possible clock settings for all iMac revisions - from the first, all the way up to the one I have (and it even had a resistor table for every one) - as well as the how-to directions for each mod... It's got to be buried somewhere in the internets - but I cannot find it. Can someone point me to links if they happen to stumble upon it?


I've already tried xceler8yourmac and applefritter sites - both of which get me nowhere; and Google is no help (whereas I'm just gettting repeat searches - either to those two sites or a dead one).


Any help welcome, thanks!

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