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plz help the begginer


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hello everybody,

i was fascinated by mac from the starting, when i came to know its alos possible on intel the i want to to do it,

i have a pc with configuration

core 2 quad 2.4

asus p5e mobo

500 gb hdd

xfx 8800gt 512mb

2 gb crossair ram

supreme fx2 sound card


firstly i am interested in triple boot with xp ,vista ,osx 10.5


what are prerequisites ,like installation cds ,drivers for my hardware , other tools


also tell me the step by step how to install as there are so many guides i tend to confuse.


secondly, i would like to know about will it harm my graphic card (changin frimware etc)

thanks in advance



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prerequisites... check the 10.5.2 kalyway compatibility list to check if you're hardware is compatible. So far, I'm just concerned about the sound card, everything else seems fine. You also need a kalyway 10.5.x iso (x stands for latest revision). Torrent it, we can't provide the links. If you want just basic install to fool around with, don't worry about EFI or kernels or all that other {censored}. But if you want to stick with Leopard 100%, you will have to install kernels and patches and some {censored} that I don't know of. I can't really help you much on the installation part, since I just got mine to work, but you're graphics card will be fine. The firmware will be different on mac and pc, so don't worry.

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