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HP Quicklaunch/HP Remote (Express Card)

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Hey guys, I think we should get the HP Quicklaunch/HP Remote working in Leopard. Idk how it should be done, but HP dvXXXX and txYYYY owners, lets do it!


I tried remote buddy and salling clicker, but no worky :blink:


I was thinking for the quicklaunch buttons:


Quickplay button: Frontrow

DVD: duh!

previous track: itunes

play/pause: itunes

next track: itunes

stop: itunes

mute: mute volume


Other wise the volume up/down slider worx fine


HP remote settings:



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I am looking into this now, but I know nothing of how OS X perceives the input. Some of the buttons on the remote correspond to standard keyboard key combinations, while others like mute, volume up, volume down, and sleep are something else. Some buttons do not register, and I assume that is because we do not have the kernel extensions for it (i.e. the ACPI platform only gives us volume). We would have to figure out how the volume controls on our laptops magically get mapped to volume controls in OS X (and this could be different in all of our computers) and then this would shed light onto how we can set QuickLaunch input to register and set up appropriate responses to it.

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