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Realtek 8169, Kalyway 10.5.2, issues.


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If I use Realtek's driver, I can usually use the internet for around 4 minutes before the symptoms occur. Using the driver provided in the stickies above, I get 10-20 minutes.


If I run with cpus=1, and so far cpus=2 I have no problems. Running with all 4 cores though, causes:



Mouse behaves erratically, refusing to move and then moving at warp speed

Network shuts off

Normal cpu/memory load, but extreme sluggishness



mobo: Asus p5n-sli

cpu: intel quad core @ 2.4ghz

mem: 2gigs

NIC: Encore ENLGA-1320 (Realtek 8169)

graphics: 8800gtx 768mb


Does anyone have any idea how to get my cores back?



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