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The dreaded "still waiting for root device" . . . on first install


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I keep getting this error, assuming it can't find HD. Currently do not have a boot loader but I used Partition magic to set up 75 Gig of FAT32 (since OSX can't see NTFS). I get this trying to install JaS OSX86 10.5.3 SSE2 and SSE3 compatable. Do I need to pre install a boot loader, waht version should i be using. Any one else run into the dreaded "waiting for root device" upon istall attempt?


Intel core 2 Duo 2.3

1 gig ram

Sata Western Deigital HD.


ASUS CD/DVD burner.

ASUS (Nvidia chipset) Graphics card. One DB 15 output, one DVI

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