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From Leopard -> XP

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Hello everyone.


I am using the Kalyway version 10.5.2 on my intel.

I own two HD's.One contains Windows XP and the other one Kalyway 10.5.2.

If I log-in through leopard,I can pick up any of my files that are placed in my Windows XP.

Although,if I log-in through windows XP,I can't take the files I use on Leopard.

Is there any way to be able to pick files I use on Leopard,from Windows XP?


Thanks in advance :lol:

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my short answer... I don't think so because the mac drive is formatted as osx extended. if u were to partition it and put part of it as fat32 then i think it would pick it up.

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Mac can just read NTFS partition !!


Windows cannot read/write HFS+ partition.


If you want write on NTFS, you can try some software like Paragon or Macfuse.


If you want Read/write HFS+ partition on Windows, you can try software too like Macdrive


Enjoy !!

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