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Leopard on a Thinkpad T43


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Hello All,


I have a few questions. I have an IBM/Lenevo Thinkpad T43 2686 and i was wondering if i can actually install Leopard on my computer.



1. Is it possible

2. Will my ATI X300 Graphics card Work

3. Will my sound work?

4. Will my wireless work?


Also, which version of leopards should i use Kalyway, TOH? 10.5.1, 10.5.2? (Im really confused on how to get this to work)





Pentium M 1.86Ghz 750, 2Gb Ram Kingston, 60GB 5400rpm HDD Seagate, 14.1 1400x1050 TFT LCD, 64MB ATI Radeon X300, 24x24x24x/8x CD-RW/DVD, Intel 802.11a/b/g wireless(MPCI), Bluetooth/Modem(CDC), 1Gb Ethernet(LOM), UltraNav, Secure Chip, Fingerprint Reader, 6c Li-Ion.


Thank you sooooo much,


Nephron :(

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