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A tiny bit of help, from a pro?

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long story short,,,,i have a dell vostro 1500 with nvidia 8600m GT.


i dont know if it's 256 or 512mb,,,but its definitely an 8600m GT <from bios dump>




my question is,,,,if i give you my rom,,,can you tell me my vram size??<conflicting reports from windows/cpuz/dxdiag/device manager>



and,,,,if it's a 512mb card,,,,,can the bios be modded by the popular method?<i know how to do this myself, if it's safe on a laptop gfx card>



my bios is at www.webforni.com/steen/8600mgt.ROM



thanks everybody!!!!

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Yeah, booting windows and have a look in device manager would be a good way to do it. But I am sure there must be a decent hardware profiler for Mac OS X somewhere around...

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guys, i appreciate the responses, but


about this mac displpays 32mb 256mb and 512mb depending what drivers i install.


windows device manager tells me 512mb, but dxdiag tells me 256 and i think cpuz told me 512.


the bios tells me vesa 3.0 4mb?!?!(this is why i thought it was a 512),


i really have googled like crazy (using things like 10de,0407,1028,0228 and all the rest from the vga dump)


i still dont get conclusive matches :)


if anyone can suggest a windows or mac program that i CAN TRUST, or just interpret my rom,,,i'd be more than grateful.




as i say,,,,i'm not just hooping someone will take my hand,,,,,,,i have the modified bios ready to flash, but i'm just not sure if i should be doing it :(




thanks again guys.

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thanks for the feedback.


gpuz shows 512mb..



turns out the answers in dells bios. its a 256 :P lol,


well at least theres no flashing. thanks again.

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