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[FIXED] 10.5.3 Menu Bar Graphics Problem


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Hey all,


Recently upgraded to 10.5.3 from 10.5.2, and I'm having some really nasty graphics issues mainly with the menu bar, but also many popups in general. Essentially what is happening is whenever I open a menu from the menu bar, the menu is totally black and I can't see the contents. If I click away from the dropped down menu, then I can see a brief flash of the menu as it closes, but while it is open I can't see anything but black. The menu does work if I blindly click. This same issue also manifests itself in the drop downs that you sometimes get in the top of a window (Not sure of the correct OS X term, but like the little boxes attached to the top of the window, like often seen when installing an app). Also at one point all the fonts in the System Preferences panel were all "smudged" and unreadable, though they seem to be working at the moment.


I am using an ATI Radeon X1950XTX, installed with the Jcool method and the natit injection. According to System Profiler my QE/CI is still working.


I am running vanilla kernal/retail install. 10.5.2 worked flawlessly. For the most part, other than the menu bar issue, everything else is working fine.


Anyone have any ideas? Really hard not having a useable menu bar ;)


EDIT: Fixed! For future reference, I managed to get this fixed. On a whim I copied over all the relevant stock APPLE ATI kext's (In my case thats the 1000 ones) from the 10.5.3 update using Pacifist, and now everything seems to be working properly :)  Even fixed some graphics oddities I was seeing in World of Warcraft after updating.

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