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Dual Boot Snow Leopard and Leopard 10.5

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How do I modify Boot 132 to install Snow Leo....




DFE Boot -132 on Macs ? :)


Is there any way to dual-boot between snow leopard and leopard, but both use the EXACT same apps? So if I change something in snow leopard, then I log onto leopard, it will be there too? Something like sharing the home folder?

Why did you create a new topic if thre was already one for what you ask?



TOPIC merged.

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If you care to explain which "machine" do you have people have more info to help you, we are not "fortune-tellers" who have Crystal Balls to nkow your "machine".

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/mode +CrystalBall f41qu3 on


CrystallBall not found for f41qu3.


Try better explain, plzkthx.

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Hi All


i am looking to Dual boot my Intel iMac with Leopard (10.5.8) + Snow Leopard (10.6) for testing purposes.


How do i go about doing this?


I have the Leopard install disc


i do not have Snow leopard yet and the only version i have seen is an update disc you can buy from apple for about £25 is this ok to use or will i need a copy of the full version?

if i need a copy of the full version where can i find it?


my current hdd setup is:

1 partician very large for data about 255GB

+ another 40GB Partician with Mac OS X


I assume i will need to create another partician about 20GB and call it Snow leopard and use the leopard disc to install onto the new partician then upgrade the newly installed leopard partician with the new snow leopard disc??


Thanks in advance


Regards Sam

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Couldn't find an answer in this topic.

I have two physical drives: one for windows, one for osx. I split the OSX drive to 2 partitions, installed Snow Leo 10.6.2 on the first one and Leo 10.5.7 on the second one. Wanted to be able to quickly boot to 10.5 and fix things when experimenting with 10.6 kexts and EFI strings would make 10.6 unbootable.


But now I'm getting a kernel panic when booting to 10.5. I assume this is because I'm using 10.6 bootloader (since the one that came with 10.5 worked fine).

Is there a bootloader that would boot both 10.5 and 10.6 without problems? Or maybe there are some arguments I could pass to boot to 10.5.

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4 partitions are the limit of MBR but not for Apple Scheme or GPT


I have successfully installed SL on a Maxtor USB 320 gb drive using my HP Pavilion dv6835nr. I would rather have it on the internal HD. When dual booting, SL retail install disk doesn't allow me to format 2nd partition. Ubuntu 10.04 is on the first partition. Is the only way to make dual booting possible is to put SL on first partition?


Everything seems to work ok except built-in wireless (BCM4312) and I also need to learn how to patch boot file and some other file that I can't remember what it's called. (it's been a week or so since last booting into SL)

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