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What is wlt0


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I had a stable build of 10.5.2


installed a native wifi card

But it would not auto connect, so i removed all the network devices and restarted so it would attach as eth1.


So i got that working, now ethernet (USB) and Wifi connect automaticly


HOWEVER i get this error at shutdown


WARNING: ether_detach_inet6 cant't detach ipv6 from wlt0

CPU halted

panic(cpu 0 caller 0x003EA77C): "A driver releasing a(n) AppleHDAController has corrupted the registry\n'@/Volumes/disk1s2/leo_xnu/xnu-1228/libkern/c++/OSObject.cpp:241



So first off i want to fix the IP6 thing, and hopefully it will stop kernel panics on Shutdown


I dont get this error on Restart or Sleep. only on Shutdown.

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