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Is it possible to use Kalyway on an iMac?


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you REALLY don't want to this! I am learning the HARD way. Kalyway won't boot, and I can't see to re-install Tiger from the System Restore disc. I lost some data I forgot to back up, and it's been.... emotional hell. I'm REALLY hoping a retail version of Leopard can fix this, but I'm not feeling optimistic.


On the positive side my Pentium 4 515 based system works for wonders, but I was really hoping to make this a slave system and node (which is why I tried upgrading my iMac to Kalyway's Leopard- to improve remote desktop functions) to my iMac and certainly NOT replace it. :D


if anyone has any tips to how i fix this very STUPID late-night decision I made.. I'm open. I'm pretty sure I can provide log files too if that helps....

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