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OSx86 Server


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Hy everyone, I'm a long time Mac user, and I was wondering if it is possible to install MacOS X.5 Server on a Hackintosh...


Here's my config (blade server) :


- Supermicro H8DAR-T Rev 2 H8DAR-T

- 2 x AMD Opteron 252

- 8 GB of ECC-DDR RAm

- ATI Rage XL

- 2 x Seagate 120GB SATA ( Marvell Controller, I can give the exact name if needed, don't remember right now :D)


I think it's important to mention that I don't really need QE etc... Only a stable and running Hackintosh server


Thanks a lot :D

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Ok, i used my brain and may be found a workaround for this :


Here it is :


Install a Kaylway/Leo4all/iAtkos etc... on the Hackintosh and get this working properly

Then take the MacOSXServerInstall.mpkg from the Leo Server DVD and install it on the Hackintosh....


I'll post the result (or not...) of this experiment here soon ;)

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