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Javascript Leopard Dock


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I used this jQuery plugin:



Some code:

<div id="dock"><img src="dockLeft.png"><div id="dockIcons"><div class="start-finder"><img src="icon-finder.png"></div> <!-- cut --> <img src="dockRight.png"></div>


	$("div#dockIcons div img").magnify({
							distance:200, //straight distance from center to mouse
							distanceX:null,//distance on x axis
							distanceY:null,//distance on y axis
							minExpansion:1, //min value (1 is 100% of defalt css property value)
							maxExpansion:2,//max value (2 is 200% of defalt css property value)
							property:[ //css properties to magnify
							onmagnefy:function(event){/*Your code here.*/}


Maybe you guys can use it.. It's pretty simple stuff here.

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