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XFX 7300 Dual Display not working on Leo4all v2


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Hi All,



I have Leo4all v2 on my system. Install went great without any problems.


CPU configuration


Motherboard: Asus P5LD2VM-SE

Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.66 Ghz

RAM : 2 GB 667 Mhz (Max)

Graphics Card : XFX 7300 GS/GT

HDD: 160 GB Segate for Windows XP 7200 RPM Formatted on NTFS

500 GB Segate for Leo4all v2 7200 RPM Formatted on HTFS

Sound : Realtek Audio


All the things on my system are running fine sir, but the main problem is that i am not able to find a way to have dual screen on my system. The dual display is not detected by Mac at all.

I have not done anything but simply attached a new monitor to the system via the DVI port. The main display runs on the VGA port so wanted to know what may be the problem that occured. I had installed the normal graphics drivers that were there in the DVD.



Sorry for being a Dumbhead if i have asked a stupid question and if this post is not in a proper place but need help badly


Sorry for all the trouble.


Thanks and Regards



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Unfortunately, it may not be possible to easily enable the second video port. It's a question of driver support; the Mac OS doesn't know how to use all of the video card's abilities. I'm not sure what drivers you might have installed; if you don't have NVinject installed already, try that (or a variant of it, such as NVKush.) If none of the third party video drivers work, your card isn't fully supported (yet anyway) and you will either just have to live with it, or get a new video card, or learn how to do some more technical modifications like editing NVCAP values (which still may not work.)


I recently get a cheap Zotac brand 7300GT (256 Meg) that DOES work with dual monitors after adding the NVKush driver (NVinject probably works too.) When looking for a video card for a hackintosh, I would recommend only buying specific brands and models that other people have already reported are working properly. Not all 7300GT cards (for instance) are alike or will work as well; the brand can matter.

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