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Asus eee pc 901

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I just ordered the eee pc 901 from ebay. This is not even out in the US yet, only in china.


The eee pc 900 had

-Celeron M @ 900mhz

-Intel GMA 900

-at most 3 hours battery life

-1gb ram, 2 max.


The eee pc 901 has

-Intel Atom CPU @ 1.6ghz, underclockable to 800mhz (power saving) and OC'able to 1.8ghz (performance).

-All models support: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST), Intel 64 (Intel's x86-64 implementation), XD bit (an NX bit implementation)

-Intel GMA 950

-Rated @ 7.8 hours battery, user review hours: 5-6 hours of battery life.

-1gb of ram, i ordered a 2gb stick.

Chipsets :Intel 945(GC?) northbridge

ICH7 southbridge


they both have things like 1.3mp camera, 4gb ssd and 8-16gb sd card built in. They both weigh about 2 pounds


I also ordered a 160gb external 2.5 inch hard drive and external dvd slim drive.




When i get it i am going to try to install Leopard.. Kalyway. I will post here my results. Anyone have any suggestions with customizable options i should select?


I am hopeful it will work, it has better specs then my power book, and i got leopard running on it fine. My only concern is.. ive yet to see anyone install leopard on an intel Atom cpu... but it has some compatibly extensions.. and chipsets.. so i am hopefull

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OS X isn't useable on 701/900 because of timing issues, but it should run on 901 well theoretically because of better CPU. (although Atom in 901 is slower than 900Mhz Celeron, but offers better battery life).

OS X runs on Atom CPUs, they work fine.

Camera and SD card slot works out of box for 701, not sure about 901.

You might need to switch wireless card if it is the same one 701.

Let us know how it goes.

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the wireless card in the 901 is wireless N capable, and the previous eee pc's were not, therefore the card must be different. The exact model? i dont know.

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There is already someone install Leopard on this device.

Please look at this site



It got WiFi working which is better than the MSI WIND, but it's installation is not as smooth as MSI. The report say that you will have to disable the Hyper Threading in Bios for successful installation.


If any one have any news on successful Leopard installation in any cheap netbooks, please give some report.

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There is a review in Hong Kong Magazine E-ZONE comparing the Acer Aspire One, MSI WIND and the eeePC


the eee pc got the longest battery life as expected.

The 6 cell battery of eee pc 901 let it runs for more than 5 hours in the test while MSI Wind only got 1 hour 49 mins. (The testing unit of MSI WIND is a 3 cell battery model)

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