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Installation Problems


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I only have one hard drive plugged into my system, a 34GB raptor.


I wiped in clean and installed 10.5.2 onto it, however, when I restart OSX trys to load then doesnt because a grey screen popups up with the message:


You need to Restart your computer. Hold down the Power button for several seconds or press the restart button.


Ive tried 8 installs, each time with a different kernal. So, is their anyway to fix this? I've heard there are problems with my graphics card, 9600GT. Is their anyway around this? Like, install with Intel Graphics then afterwards install the 9600GT


My Spec:


Intel E6750

4GB Ram (On subsequent installs I used 2GB)

Gigabyte G33M - S2

34GB Raptor

2 x 320GB WD Drives (not plugged in)

9600 GT OC

Wifi Card

2 Disk Drives

600W PSU


I also have a second monitor plugged in, will this affect anything?


Thanks for any help anyone can provide,



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