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10.5.3 vanilla (+EFI?) / only 1 cpu shows up with chud pckg and 0 in 'about this mac'?


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Hi folks,


first of all, wauw I did it, at last, Mac on my notebook (specs down below), I wanna thank you all for the solutions I already found on this great forum.

I had a couple of attempts a few months ago (burned about every single release available) but,

I really couldn't boot in to Mac, now I installed Leopard 10.5.2 on a seperate hard disk and used EasyBCD to configure my MBR.

All smooth and steady :)


I tought since I have Vanilla kernell I could do the official apple update to 10.5.3, but big fat error and I had to reinstall. ;)



How can I check that EFI is installed on my mac os, I could't find the option on the Kalyway installation disc. Or does it come automatically since I selected vanilla kernell?


2. I tried Intel Dv9000 SLEEP FIX GUDIE FOR LEOPARD this to get my sleep working, no success but annoying errors:

I can't start up anymore without -f, I get System Extension cannot be used errors at startup(AppleACPIPlatform.kext), how can I fix this?



Can anyone point me to the right guide or steps to get shutdown and sleep working?



Chud package says I only have 1 cpu (I have dual 2 core), About mac says I have 0 cpu's :P. how can I activate, enable my second cpu?


ps: I allways search google and the forum before I post anything so don't give me that reply :)


Thank You



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