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Going back from Dual to Single Boot

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Since updating to 10.5.3 I finally found my OS X install to be so stable, that I decided it was finally time for that glorious moment - formatting my windows partition.


I hadn't booted into it for over a month now, and I definitely could use the storage space.

So I went ahead with Disk Utility and made myself a nice HFS+ partition.


Only thing is -


The Windows partition was of course the first one on the disk. I got an "Error loading operating system".

I then booted using my Leo4all install disk, and all worked.


I then looked around the forum, and tried to update the MBR using "fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0". Since then it only gives me the blinking cursor on boot. (still boots using dvd though)


Getting around to my questions:


- Have I f*ed up my MBR by doing the fdisk thing?


- Is it even possible to boot if the only OS there is is on the second partition?


If yes: how?

If no: what is the best way to "copy" my second partition to the first one?

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