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Changing graphics card


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I finally can upgrade my craptastic hd2400 to a hd3870 - should notice some increase in performance :P


The question is: what should I do exactly, and in what order, so as not to break my current Leo installation? Should I leave in the old card, do some stuff, then change cards, or first change cards, etc...?


On a side note: I'm running 10.5.3, and I have the hd2400 drivers for it installed, so right now I have QE/CI support.


Thanks a bunch.

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well, i´m in a similiar situation.

moving from gforce8600gt (full osx support) to a ati3870.

as there where no drivers for ati installed the system fails to boot.

as i did not want to ruin my running osx install i started installing

a second system on an external hdd.

well, this should have worked as the releases i used come with ati drivers.

but this did not work and hence im trying to get my new 3870 to work.

(first on test install and then on real).


concerning your case moving from hd2400 to hd3870 could/ should work

flawless, if your drivers (ati..2000..kext) contain the device id of the new

card (0x95011002). or try newest driver package.


good luck

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