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Battlefield 2 **Cider** On-line play?

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Hello guys,

I had battlefield 2 Patched to 1.50 :whistle: installed on Windows (BootCamp). And I put the Battlefield 2 folder in the package downloaded from the post #63. AND! Without .tmp files or something, without cracked bf2.exe (cause it doesn't exist yet), without any no-cd/dvd, IT WORKS. It run without any problem and, I even didn't modify system.reg to enter my cdkey, it worked on cracked servers (Antik etc.). But I have the same problem described before, kicked by PB. because of Unknown Windows API ... Someone is already got it fixed?

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Hi everyone!


I would like to try the Battlefield 2 Modern Combat v5 version, but I cant download it because both RapidShare links are dead and I can't find it anywhere else on the web...


Could someone be so kind to upload it again?


Thanks in advance!

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