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Beginner Question About Objective-C/iPhone Dev

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I am new to obj-c programming/iphone, so I am probably missing something.

I am making a simple xml feed reader, which has AppDelegate, ListViewController, DetailViewController (other parts are not left out for simplicity).

- AppDelegate gets the XML from a URL, Parse the content into an NSMutableArray. WriteToFile.

- ListViewController recover the array using dataWithContentOfFile, populate the list view

- When use click on a item, then it brings to detail view.

DetailViewController recover the array using dataWithContentOfFile, get the selected Data, display.


What I could not figure out is that: the data can not be recovered from ListViewController, or DetailViewController, or maybe it didn't get saved at the first place. Since it is running with iphone simulator, I don't know if there is anyway to check if the file being created at the first place.


Thanks in advance :)

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