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new 3g iPhone to be sold for £100 in UK next month

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i found this on the uk the telegraph site.

so it must be true


iPhone to be sold for £100 in UK next month

By Tom Peterkin

Last Updated: 2:52PM BST 02/06/2008



Apple chief executive Steve Jobs poses with an iPhone

Steve Jobs, the Apple chief executive, is expected to unveil the new phone during his speech at the company's Worldwide Developers' Conference in San Francisco on June 9.


The new phone is expected to be on the shelves in the UK by July, a short time after its American launch.


Analysts expect Apple to allow mobile-phone operators to subsidise the touch-screen handset, which uses third-generation technology to ensure much faster internet access.


In some parts of Europe the gadget could be on sale for as little as £60. In Britain, where the mobile phone operator O2, has a multi-year exclusive deal for the iPhone, the price is likely to be closer to £100, analysts said.


That represents a significant reduction on the original retail price of £269.


"They are looking for more flexibility on how the operators can price the iPhone, although I am not convinced that they will let them have open season on the price, as they have lucrative iPod market to protect," said Ben Wood, an analyst for CCS Insight, the company providing analysis and intelligence on the mobile and wireless sector.


Price cutting and ending exclusivity would help Apple meet its ambition of selling 10 million iPhones by the end of the year.


The approach would mark a departure from Apple's previous strategy whereby operators pay up-frong for the iPone selling it to customers with a small mark-up plus VAT while paying around 15 per cent of average revenue per user to Apple.


full story is here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/206...next-month.html



i dont have a iphone as it did not have gprs internet. and was too expensive.

but for £100 i will definitely get one only hope the £100 one is at-lease 8gigs. and has all the features of the top spec one

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It can be summed up with the following quotes from the story....


Analysts expect


Doesn't mean it will happen and they can be completely wrong and make stuff up as long as they say expected or predicted


Just have to wait and see....

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