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Just got everything installed!


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Ok so I finally got everything installed using iaktos v2.0i. I have to say everything is great! It was a little tricky at first and I thought my DVD didn't burn correctly, because when I'd boot from the DVD I'd get a black screen that would stall for a bit then boot into windows. For some reason the press F8 to install Mac OSX wasn't showing up. I just started pressing random buttons at the black screen and sure enough it came up.



Audio (On board). I don't believe it's working, but I don't really care. I don't even have speakers that could use it.


Audio (Bose companion 5). Not working. I dunno if it's a USB issue or not. I've read on mac forums that people with mac hardware can't get them to work. I'm going to continue to try to figure out this problem.


Ethernet (Kinda works). I have a Realtek 8139 card and it works, but it randomly stops working. I have to unload the kext and then reload. After that everything starts to work again. I'm going to try and get some other modules I saw listed here and see if that fixes the problem.



The current machine I'm running on is an eMachine T3508 in case anyone wants to know.




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