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10.4.4 Installation Guide for newbies - if you get boot.plist errors

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If you're getting the boot.plist error after installing the patched 10.4.4 DVD, try the following. Before you proceed, you'll need a patched 10.4.3 DVD.


1. Boot from the patched 10.4.3 DVD.

2. Choose Disk Utility

3. In Disk Utility, choose the partition you want to install to. Click on "Erase" (this is the equivalent of Formatting in the Windows world) and choose the Mac OS Journaled option.

4. After the Erase is done, get out of Disk Utility.

5. Quit the OSX Installer.

6. Restart your computer and put the 10.4.4 DVD in.

7. Install to the partition you just erased, and you should be good to go.

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