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computer crashes with 4gig memory

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Hi all

I've installed a new set of 4 gig ddr2 ram on my pc-mac.

The Leopard, that worked perfectly for the last week with the prior memory,

had 3 fatal errors in a row with the new sticks.

The XP that I have installed on the same hardware works flawlessly.

Is the memory perhaps damaged, or maybe I have to change voltage

settings in the bios? (the shop told me so).





MB - GA P35 - DS3P rev 2.1

CPU - Q6600




this is the older memory that the machine works with and doesnt crash:


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I'm new to mac, so I dont know what kind exactly, but the screen turned darker with a top to bottom wiper, and there was a white text explaining that I need to restart the machine by pressing and holding hte power button.

Before was 2 gig of ram.


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Is this stuff caused by the new memory?

should i just replace it back or to something else?


jmicron controller? dont know, is that a sata/raid controller?

never crossed that name.

the raid/sata controllers on my board are Intel and Gigabyte, I think.

Yes, AHCI is enabled.

All drives are SATA.

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Hello there...


1) Is your hackintosh overclocked? I've got this error only when I overclock my q6600 to extreme velocity I have this errors. Perhaps if your computer is overclocked, the memory is running overclocked too (you have to play with the memory freq. ratios) to reach a freq. near the one you are aiming.


2) In case of stock freq, can you slow down the memory velocity to 800mhz perhaps to test? If it works, maybe you have to add a little more voltage to your memory (2.1~2.2 v) I have some memory by supertalent that runs better over 2.0 v



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it runs at stock speed. i'm no oc expert...(it says 800hz in the info window)

the shop said immediatly to my query - set voltage to 2...

i'll try voltage before the jmicron/memory remap things.


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The Gigabyte Controller is made by jmicron, so Leopard loads the jmicron kext which causes due to bad programming kernel panics with more than 4 gig of ram. Please read the posted thread...


you can verify that with a programm called highload, (test available ram will cause the panic)


You can either reduce the used ram with the maxmem command or by disabling the gigabyte/jmicron controller and deleting the kext.


trust me. and read the posted thread.

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I trust you with all my heart... :-)

Thanks for the detailed explanation!

I read the thread, and I'll try to disable the jmicron.

I'm currently using all 8 Sata connections, so dsiabling the Gigabyte Controller will disable those

2 purple sata's?


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