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(Yet another) still waiting for root device

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Hello all wise OSx86 Gurus!

Today, I decided to take the leap and try to install Kalyway 10.5.2 on my Zepto 6625 notebook, with the following hardware:

Intel GM965 chipset

ICH8-ME southbridge.

TSSTCorp CDDVDW SN-S082H optical drive, witch i suspect is IDE.

Samsung HM25JI SATA HDD.

C2D T7500 Merom CPU, 2.2 Ghz

2GB A-data DDR2 RAM

Phoenix technologies BIOS


I got a "still waiting for root device" when booting with the DVD. Right before, I get an Error: Unable to detect firewire security mode.

Is there aything i can try to make this work? I have googled and searched the forum, but I havn't fond an answer to my problem...

Please help?

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(yet another) is about right...


root device error basically means that, after loading all its ata/sata drivers, the OS can't find it's ass with both hands.

The culprit is the ATA/SATA controller.


The solution lies in:

  1. Changing the settings for the ATA/SATA controller in bios, so the drive is recognised.
  2. Changing the way the drive is connected (different sata port, different master or slave settings/cable connection/IDE port) so the drive is recognised.
  3. Adding a driver (kext) or editing the driver settings (plist) so the controller is recognised.
  4. Changing/adding a storage controller that is supported (hardware).

As you are on a laptop, with an intel ich controller, which tend to be well supported, you are generally limited to options 1 & 3. Depending on the design, you could remove the DVD drive, and perform some juggling to get the OS on the drive, as an option 2.


All I can say for certain is that root device error (or "still waiting..." as it is often called) on laptops is often a {censored} & can be a show-stopper.


- and I'm sure someone who has had more than 7 hours sleep in the last 3 days wil be able to point out that I've missed an option, but there you go.

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