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Created a new partition and now it's active?

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Ok so I had a perfectly smooth Leo4allV3 install dual booting with Vista on a seperate hard drive. Then i went into Vista and created some new NTFS partitions on my windows drive and my OS X drive. After that, went into OSX disk utility and erased the partition on my mac drive, thus formatting it as HFS+. After i did that and rebooted later, I was unable to boot into either OS, getting some kind of no System Drive found or something like that. So i booted into single user mode using the install DVD and set my OSX partition to active. This allowed me to get back to the vista bootloader, but when i choose to boot into OSX, i get the System config file 'com.apple.boot.plist' not found error. I'm able to boot into Vista, and i checked the Disk Management, and somehow the newly created HFS volume is now the active volume. The OS volume isn't active, even though i did the fdisk flag 1. So my question is, how do i make the empty HFS partition inactive, and the OSX partition active again? I've tried searching google and this site, but google keeps turning up things where this problem occurs when booting from the DVD and the search function on the site blows and doesn't come up with anything. Can anybody help a brutha out?


EDIT: FIGURED IT OUT. Found Devilhood's dual boot guide with the diskpart instructions and was able to make the second partition inactive and the OSX partition active again. All is now going swimingly :(

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