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10.5.2 Firewire working on Gigabyte GA-G33M-DSR2?

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I plugged in a Sony Handycam but nothing appeared on the desktop. So I checked System Profiler

and found the Firewire device shows up OK (it says 400MB/s blah blah). So I plug in the HandyCam,

and it shows up as 'Sony HandyCam.. blah blah... 100MB/s' But nothing appears on the desktop. I open iMovie and it sees no device.... It was my understanding from reading posts that Firewire works. Any suggestions?




Rebooted, and now I can see the device in iMovie... Similar to a USB HOT-PLUG problem I had the other day. But I thought HOT-PLUG was working for Firewire? I'm running 10.5.2 with updates for iMovie, etc. Unfortunately I don't have any other Firewire devices to check Firewire is working OK with HOT-PLUG.

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