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3 displays on 2 graphics cards... (almost) working!

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My setup:




Pentium Dual Core E2140 @ 2.66GHz

XFX GeForce 7600 GT PCIe (dual DVI out)

MSI GeForce 6200 LE PCIe (1 VGA out, 1 DVI out)

3 Samsung 955BF LCD's, 2 connected to the 7600 GT, 1 connected to 6200 LE DVI out

Kalyway 10.5.1 with 10.5.2 Combo update

NVinject 0.2.0b

9.2.2 stock kernel


So, with the above configuration I have a triple head system that works reasonably well. If I install from Kalyway 10.5.1 and pick the NVinject desktop drivers, I get all three displays working out of the box.


However, the displays themselves do not wake from sleep correctly all the time. I am referring to display sleep, not system sleep.


Maybe 40% of the time, all three monitors will wake correctly.


The rest of the time, I will get graphical corruption on one or two monitors on wake. Very rarely, I get graphical corruption on all three monitors on wake.


Here's the wierd part -- if I power cycle the display with graphical corruption on it, by turning the LCD on and then off, it will come back on working 100%.


Has anyone observed behavior like this? I've had the machine up for weeks at a time, and I just power cycle the displays whenever one comes back from wake corrupted. Still, it's annoying at times.


Side note: If I put the whole computer to sleep, the displays never turn back on. Not a huge deal but I'm curious if anyone running triple head with 2 graphics cards has sleep working.

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I used the above kext with success. Partially anyway. It could be that my second GC is broken but I don't really know. After a while with three monitors working, the monitor connected to the second GC just freeze up. The strange thing is that the cursor still shows up, but nothing else on the screen changes after it has frozen. Weird.


I also get a lot of artifacts; dead pixels, areas of graphical corruption and the such. The dead pixels just stay there, but the areas of corruption settles on a window and stay in the same place in that window unless I "swipe" it off with another window. Also kinda weird. Any ideas? It might be temperature related, but wouldn't that mean that I just get degraded performance with alot of glitches and stuff? It's just so weird that the cursor still shows up without any sign of damage.


Asus P5Q Pro Kalyway 10.5.2

2x GF 7900GT - asus

Intel C2D E6400

2GB Corsair RAM 800MHz

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no problem with 6 screens on 3 identical cards did it at work when i was bored non-sli though and it was very difficult configuring them all to be different monitors though (extend desktop)

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I have two identical cheap PCIe 7300 gs 512 mb video cards i boutght from Honkong working just great in my hackie (can run four monitors if I want) with QE, QGL and Rotation enabled . I´m using a NVinject.kext I´ve edited myself and all I can say is that every other tips I´ve read about here like the EFIstudio etc etc just does´nt work with my cards (and probably other cards as well). So to make it easy use two identical cards people say work ok for this cause it´s the easiest way.

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Turns out that my monitors are borked somehow, I have the same issues (corruption when monitors come back from sleep) with Windows, even with another computer!


Ah well, good thing power cycling them fixes it.


These days, I'm using a Matrox TripleHead2Go to get 3 monitor support, it's great.

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