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Kalyway 10.5.1 or 10.5.2 install on a Dell Latitude P4 1.8gHz 512meg ram


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hi--- im really sorry to ask such a simple question, but im a mac person, not a PC, and cant get past the Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 page.


I got the Kalyway ISOs 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 and used Toast 7 on a Mac running 10.5.2 to burn to Verbatim 16x DVD-R discs. both the 10.5.1 K and 10.5.2 Kalyway version (couldnt get the iATKOS to even burn). I set the BIOS to start up on the DVD, which it does on both discs. It says hd(2,0) Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD Intel_AMD for the 10.5.2 disc, then i click enter to "start up Darwim/86 with no options, etc...." and i let it boot. it loads a variety of things, about 6 lines, then it jumps back to the DELL start up screen, then a cursor for a few seconds, then BACK to the choice of boot discs.


ANyone have any idea what i could do differently? I know that this is NOT the latest hardware, but its a work PC that i never used, and thought itd be pretty cool with OS X on it.


any helpful hints, etc, would be greatly appreciated... ive combed the web for help, and basically these Kalyway discs are supposed to start loading OS X set up menu (which i could handle... )


thanks much----Ra

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