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Developers: speedstep vs sleep kernel

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Hi folks,


i like whats going on here. installed kalyway 10.5.2 but i have a few questions to the guys that are developing the patched kernels:


i like the sleep kernel, using it i can put my laptop to sleep and wake it up by pressing the power button.


problem is display sleep here, if the powermanager puts it to sleep, it stays black when i move the mouse to wake it up (THE DISPLAY BACKLIGHT TURNS ON ACTUALLY BUT THE SCREEN STAYS BLACK)

does anyone has a solution for this problem? wouldn't it be possible to modify the kernel at that specific part to do a similar thing as it does when waking up from normal sleep??


Since i have a laptop i would really like to use the speedstep kernel cause the sleepkernel has no built in cpu throttle functionality and my cpu fan is running nearly constantly (not at full rpm but more than on win) even if i do nothing.


Problem with speedstep kernel is that it does not wake up the computer from sleep nor display sleep.



Wouldnt it be possible to have a look what sleep kernel does different when waking up the pc and put some of its code to speedstep kernel?


just a quick idea. I'm a software developer myself (but really not into that mac thing) so i would be interested to get some sources and necessary tools. can someone point me to a good site?




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