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boot loader looping


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I installed to my third partition for a triple boot solution using Win XP, Vista, Mac OSX.

I used bcdedit to setup the vista bootloader. I can boot to xp or vista, but when I choose Mac OSall that happens is it loops back to the vista bootloader.


Any help that you can offer would be most appreciated.


Here is my bootloader setup.




Windows Boot Manager


identifier {bootmgr}

device partition=D:

description Windows Boot Manager

locale en-US

inherit {globalsettings}

default {current}

displayorder {ntldr}



toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}

timeout 30


Windows Legacy OS Loader


identifier {ntldr}

device partition=D:

path \ntldr

description Windows XP Pro


Windows Boot Loader


identifier {current}

device partition=C:

path \Windows\system32\winload.exe

description Microsoft Windows Vista

locale en-US

inherit {bootloadersettings}

osdevice partition=C:

systemroot \Windows

resumeobject {ea3f5bd7-9d34-11dc-a187-f03496eeb770}

nx OptIn


Windows Legacy OS Loader


identifier {1dcd264a-1f17-11dd-b3cb-dbc7f1c78078}

device boot

path \chain0

description Mac OS X

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