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v5200 on Thinkpad T60p can be used on dual display, but single...

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hi all,


I installed 10.5.2 on my thinkpad t60p by iATKOS's 10.5.1 dvd and upgrade to 10.5.2 with KalywayCombo and GraphicsUpgrade1.0.

After injected ATIinject(modified EDID,X1000.kext,ATINDRV.kext), I got my a dual display which means both internal LCD and external flat panel works simultaneously. BUT, if I reboot or click "Detect Displays" after unpluging the external FP, my internal LCD would not work. AND the weirdest thing is internal LCD even works if I plug the cable without the FP(one side on laptop and one side on nothing).


Is there anyone meeting the same situation? And is there any config in ATIinject that I can disable the external?

Any advice will be appreciated!


Some details:

1) ATIinject info.plist -> I added LVDS,EDID for internal and CRT2,EDID for external.

2) ioreg shows external FP is connected even I just plug the cable w/o the FP.

3) video card -> ATI FireGL v5200 -> Mobility x1600

4) When I plug the external, QE/CI, res changing, everything works fine.

5) It worked OK on 10.4.9 and 10.5.1

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